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Menasha Utilities is concerned about our customerís health and exposure to lead and feels it is important to address the lead services in our system. Menasha Utilities has been awarded up to $300,000 from the Safe Drinking Water Program for the benefit of our customers to offset the costs of the replacement of customer owned lead services.

The implementation of this program will be in those areas where we replaced our portion of the lead service over the years and then where we are looking to do main replacements in the next couple years. These customers can take advantage of the program that the Utility Commission approved on a voluntary first come first serve basis. We have applied for additional funding in order to try to make this a sustainable program. We are encouraging our customers to replace their portion of the service.  Letters will be going out in the next month to those individuals that qualify for this great program that addresses the health concerns relating to lead services.  Lead services are typically found in homes built in 1950 or older.

Menasha Utilities will rebate property owners fifty percent (50%) of the cost to replace the owner's portion of the lead service up to $1,000. If the homeowner qualifies for energy assistance based on family income Menasha Utilities will rebate seventy five percent (75%) of the cost to replace the ownerís portion of the lead service up to $1,500.

Please contact our water distribution department to set up an appointment to confirm the type of service your home has and let us know if you have interest in this program. Call between 8 am to 3 pm and ask for Dan at 707-3949 or Scott at 707-3733. There will be additional information coming out on the program.     Lead Services Replacement Program Information and Materials

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