Menasha Utilities is concerned about our customerís health and exposure to lead and feels it is important to address the lead services in our system. Menasha Utilities has been awarded up to $300,000 from the Safe Drinking Water Program for the benefit of our customers to offset the costs of the replacement of customer owned lead services.   Lead Services Replacement Program Information and Materials

Menasha Utilities Personnel will be out verifying Water Services.  We are working toward a lead free water supply for our customers and want to confirm the type of water service you have to your home.  Lead is not found in our source water but enters your tap through the corrosion of plumbing materials. The Utility owns the portion of the service from the main to the curb stop and the customer owns the service from the curb stop to the house. Typically lead services were installed until the late 1940ís and lead in the drinking water can cause a variety of adverse health effects. 
Menasha Utilities personnel will be out to verify the type of water service to your home.  A phone call will be made prior to verification letting you know we will be in your area. Our staff will have a company vehicle and identification with our company logo on, and if you have concerns you can call our office at 967-3450 to confirm the employee information. If you are not home a card will be left in your door and appointment can be scheduled with our personnel between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.      

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