About Us

Menasha Utilities owns and operates the electric distribution system in the City of Menasha, providing services to over 9,055 electric customers in the community. Significant investment has been made over the last several years to acquire all Menasha residences as customers. On an average, the electric rates for our customers are about 25% less than neighboring investor-owned utilities.

Menasha Utilities also supplies water to the City through its water filtration plant, reservoirs and water distribution system.

The water filtration plant and water distribution system serves 5,022 commercial, industrial and residential customers in Menasha. Menasha Utilities also provides wholesale water services to the Menasha Utility District located in the Town of Menasha.

Both utilities serve within the boundaries of the City of Menasha, which is bounded on the west by Little Lake Butte des Morts, on the south by the City of Neenah, partially to the east by Lake Winnebago and the remaining by the city limits. An area north of Ninth Street, which was annexed during the 1960s, is generally served with water by the Town of Menasha Utility District and electricity by We Energies.

Water Aerators These service areas were established by both utilities prior to the annexation. In 1996, the electric utility entered into a formal boundary agreement with We Energies to serve all territory within the city limits.