Industrial Services

Cross Connections

In compliance with the State Plumbing Code regarding cross connections, the Cross Connection Form can be downloaded for completion. Compliance statements shall be returned to Menasha Utilities Water Department, P.O. Box 340, Menasha, WI, 54952-0340 within 30 calendar days.

Digital Light Meter

Menasha Utilities has a digital light meter available for business customers to borrow, or we will assist with a walk through of your facility. With this meter you can determine if you have proper light levels in your facility or if you need to increase lighting levels.

Load Monitoring

Menasha Utilities recently purchased a new load monitor that can monitor single phase and 3-phase loads for voltage, amps and watts on any given circuit. With the load monitor you can monitor plant loads or specific loads at a given piece of equipment. This equipment also provides a complete print out of all the points for up to two weeks!

Ultrasonic Leak Detection

Menasha Utilities has an Ultrasonic Leak Detector available to find and pinpoint compressed air leaks in your system. Air leaks can cost your company thousands of dollars in wasted energy and oversized compressors.

Contact us at 967-3400 for more information.