Power Quality

Sophisticated motors, drives and other electrical devices in today’s workplace require a high level of power stability. When dealing with sensitive, high-tech equipment, even the slightest disruption in electrical service can result in costly production delays.

If your operations suffer from unpredictable power disturbances that result in downtime, lost data, equipment damage or other adverse outcomes, we can help.

Our Power Quality service will:

  • Identify electrical problems at your facility
  • Determine the causes
  • Recommend cost-effective solutions
When motors stall, circuit breakers trip, lights flicker or computers lock up, it could be signaling a power quality issue within your facility.

Many power-related operating problems originate from the customer’s side of the meter. Most minor issues can be solved quickly and simply. Others more subtle in nature may require more in-depth analysis. Whatever the case, our community-owned utility is here to assist.

If you are experiencing an energy-related problem, give us a call. We’ll meet with you to gather the facts and discuss your concerns. An energy engineer from our power supplier, Wisconsin Public Power Inc., will use the best technology available to identify the problem. We’ll inspect your facility inside and out, monitor your equipment and conduct readings to help pinpoint the source.

We’ll develop a plan to collect the data needed to improve the electrical performance of your operations. Using sophisticated monitoring equipment, our power quality specialist will analyze the data and discuss various approaches to solving your power quality issue.

In circumstances where you may be experiencing problems as a result of disturbances on our system, we’ll keep you informed as we work to quickly remedy the situation.

When the problem is rooted within your facility, we will assist your staff or electrical contractor in devising a plan to correct the matter. Or, if you need help identifying someone to do the work, we can even provide a list of qualified experts in the area.

Even if you are not currently experiencing power quality problems but would simply like more information on power quality issues for planning purposes, consider giving us a call. We have useful information available at no cost to you, as well as other resources that you may wish to use or purchase.

Power Quality Service Flier

Infrared Testing

Menasha Utilities provides this low cost and efficient inspection service which locates electrical faults and mechanical problems due to overheating prior to failures and emergency repairs.

Infrared Testing Flier

Power Factor Correction

Power factor correction services help utilities reduce lagging power factor penalties, lower line losses and increase system capability.

UP 'n Running

Small businesses and commercial facilities are becoming increasingly dependent on sensitive electronic equipment. In fact, electronics now account for over one-third of the nation's electrical load. Energy consumption by computers and printers alone has been increasing at about 8% annually. In some buildings, office equipment now uses as much energy as lighting, which is the largest commercial load.

Some examples of sensitive electronic equipment used for business purposes include:

  • Personal computers
  • Printers
  • Network servers
  • Fax machines
  • Copy machines
  • Answering machines
  • Electronic cash registers
  • Electronic clocks
  • Security systems
  • Telecommunications
  • HVAC controls
The advanced electronics that are increasing business efficiency and productivity have also introduced power quality challenges as well. Unlike simpler electrical equipment (i.e., motors) which can tolerate voltage swings, sensitive electronics require a highly stable power source. What were once considered acceptable, minor varations in power may now bring whole offices to a standstill.

While the UP'n Running whole home surge protection and uninterruptible power supply program was developed with the residential consumer inmind, the protective devices available can be applicable and valuable to many small business customers as well.

The installation of the meter base surge arrester can be installed on small business service entrances of 200 amps or less, and will provide protection against power surges from the utility system. Plug-in surge strips are highly recommended for any 120 VAC electronic device in an office or business. The line-interactive UPS units are a perfect fit for personal computers and networked systems in a small business because they continuously filter power disturbance events (i.e., sags, swells, brownouts) and maintain operation during blackout periods for up to 20 minutes.

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