Meter Reading & Billing Dates

The friendly, knowledgeable meter readers at Menasha Utilities read residential meters once a month at many homes around the community. We never read your meter on the weekends or holidays.

If the meter reader cannot gain access to the meter, a self-addressed, stamped postcard (with instructions on how to take the readings) will be placed on the door. The customer is asked to return this card as soon as possible.

If the meter reader was unable to obtain a reading, and the postcard was not received in time, the customer will receive an estimated bill based on normal use. Any difference between the amount actually used and the estimated amount billed is corrected automatically when the next regular meter reading is obtained. The customer pays only for the amount actually used. The net amount is payable on or before the due date shown on the bill. Failure to receive a bill does not entitle a customer to an extended due date.

Because Menasha Utilities has three billing cycles, we issue bills on the 5th, 15th and 25th of the month. This means you may receive your utility bill at a date that is different from a neighbor or family member.