Contact Us

Welcome to the Menasha Utilities contact page!  Please see below for a listing of contact information for frequently asked questions.  Office hours are 7:30am to 4:00pm Monday through Friday.  If you contact us during non-business hours, we will respond the next business day.

Electric Contacts

Power outage or partial power: (920) 967-5190

Electric meter exchange: (920) 967-3423

Tree trimming, report a street light out: (920) 967-3400 (or submit a request electronically)


Water Contacts

Water Emergency: (920) 967-3450

Water main break or service leak: (920) 967-3450 after hours; (920) 967-3400 during hours

Water meter exchange or cross connection inspection: (920) 967-3400

Water quality questions: (920) 967-3450

Sewer backup or other related issues: (920) 967-3620


Customer Service Contacts

Questions about your Menasha Utilities bill: (920) 967-3400

Moving, establishing billing in your name, or billing account changes: (920) 967-3400 (or submit a request electronically)

Disconnections or reconnections: (920) 967-3400