EV Benefits

Electric vehicles come with the following built-in advantages, but most of all they are really fun to drive!

Ease of Ownership

Not only do EVs have tremendous performance, drivers also have the luxury of refueling at home, as opposed to making special stops at a gas station. And the network of quick-charging locations is expanding every day for when you need to travel longer distances

Lower Costs

The average cost to operate (fuel) an EV in the US is less than $500 per year, while the average for a gasoline-powered vehicle is more than $1,000. EVs don’t require engine oil, spark plugs and timing belts so their maintenance costs are also usually lower.

Not only do EVs cost less to drive, they cost much less to fuel, espcially if you make the swtich to our Nights & Weekends Smart Plan. You can get a substantially lower rate for using elelctricitly during nights and weekends, which is perfect for charging your EV during the middle of the night.

Environmentally Friendly

EVs produce far fewer emissions than standard gas-powered vehicles, and they will continue to be a cleaner source of transportation as the electric grid shifts to a greater mix of renewable energy sources. You can ensure all of your electricity comes from solar and wind-powered sources and is nearly emission-free by participating in our Choose Renewable program.  

Driving Range & Recharge Time

EV range is typically between 150 to more than 400 miles on a full charge. The average American’s daily round-trip commute is less than 30 miles. Fully recharging the battery pack can typically takes 4 to 8 hours, while a "fast charge" to 80% capacity can take just 30 minutes.* 

*Source: U.S. Department of Energy

Superior Performance, Fun to Drive

Electric motors provide quiet, smooth operation, stronger acceleration and require less maintenance than gasoline powered internal combustion engines. Plus, they are blast to drive!