FREE Whole Home Energy Assessment Prize Drawing

Get Comfortable with Whole Home Improvements! A Home Energy Assessment is a check-up for your whole home to ensure it's working its very best. The assessment will help identify how your home is performing and recommed any improvements to lower your energy costs and improve your overall comfort. Menasha Utilities is offering a prize of a Whole Home Energy Assessment by a certified Focus on Energy Trade Ally. If, after your assessment is completed, you choose to make the recommended improvements identified by the Trade Ally, Focus on Energy offers up to $1,800 in incentives on these improvements. Additionally, Menasha Utilities is offering an additional 20% incentive match for a total savings of up to $2,160!

To enter the drawing for a FREE home energy assessment, complete and return this form by November 30, 2023. You must be a Menasha Utilities customer with your account in good standing to qualify for this prize. Forms can be brought to our office, 321 Milwaukee St., Menasha, mailed to PO Box 340, Menasha, OR emailed to One assessment will be given away. Winner will be randomly drawn and notified in December.

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