Is keeping cool starting to make you lose your cool?

Fact: Electricity costs more in summer.

Because of increased air conditioning use, overall energy usage is at its highest in the summer months - and our cost to serve you is also highest in the summer. This means summer is a great time to make a few adjustments to help you save!

  • Give your thermostat a nudge up this summer or install a smart thermostat to have better control of when you are cooling - Focus on Energy can help with a smart thermostat!
  • Use ceiling fans instead of air conditioning
  • Turn off the heated dry cycle on your dishwasher
  • Replace your dehumidifier with a more efficient model - we have a rebate for that!
  • Close blinds and shades, especially in sunny rooms
  • Cook outdoors - oven use can heat up the kitchen fast and make your air conditioner work harder
  • Open your windows and turn off your air conditioner at night when it cools down

Several small actions can add up to some real savings!