Local Renewable Projects

Neenah-Menasha Sewage Treatment Plant

Menaha Utilities and WPPI Energy teamed up with the Neenah-Menasha Sewage Commission in 2002 for a renewable energy project that converts methane gas into a renewable energy source.  Through a high-tech methane generator installed at the Sewage Treatment Plant, the unit produces about 250,000 kW of energy each month, enough to power the needs of nearly 416 homes!

Wind Turbine Project at Maplewood Middle School

Menasha Utilities completed a small wind turbine project partnership at Maplewood Middle School.  The project consisted of a 1 kW African Wind Power turbine and power is pushed back into the utility grid throug inverters.  The turbine starts to generate power when the wind reaches 5mph.  The turbine will be combined with solar panels to produce 1.7 kW of usable power at the school.  Check out our performance data by visiting the Sunny Portal website.

Solar Project at Maplewood Middle School

Recently, Menasha Utilities completed a solar project at Maplewood Middle School.  The solar array consists of 1050 watt solar panels which are connected to the grid via a "Sunny Boy" power inverter that converts the DC power from the panels to standard AC power.  Along with the panels, monitoring equipment was installed to detect wind speed and direction.  All of this information will combine with power from the wind turbine that was installed last year and downloaded to a website that the school can access and use for science and math classes.

Fire Station Solar Project

Menasha Utilities worked with the City of Menasha to help fund the installation of 22 roof mounted solar photovoltaic panels (PV) with a total output of 5.28 kW.  PV panels collect energy from sunlight and convert it into electricity, providing renewable, emissions free energy.  To learn more about the system, please contact Adam Alix with the City of Menasha Department of Public Works at 920-967-5102.