Main Replacement

Beginning this spring you will see our Water Distribution crews out in the field with contractors working to replace water main.  We understand the updating of infrastructure can be an inconvenience for our customers, however replacement of water mains is vital to maintain reliability and ensure a continued source of safe drinking water.  During construction you may experience traffic inconveniences, low water pressure or no water which are all a very normal part of the process. 

Racine St from 3rd St to 9th St will be under construction starting Tuesday, March 12 and continue through the summer. During construction, the road will be closed, please make plans to take an alternate route during this time. Click here for the detour map.

Phase One:

The intersection of Racine and Seventh St will be left open.  Racine St south of Seventh St will be closed to through traffic during this first phase except for the Sixth St intersection.  The City will try to leave east/west traffic of Sixth St open but there will be a period of time as work progresses that work will have to be done in the intersection but once it is done, it will open again to east and west traffic.

Phase Two:

When Phase Two starts there may be some overlap with Phase One.  During Phase Two the intersection of Racine and Seventh St will be closed and Racine will be closed to through traffic to the south side of Ninth St.  Once work is done in the Seventh St intersection, the City will try to open this to east/west traffic.  Once the utility work is done in Phase Two the trenches will be patched with asphalt and the street opened to traffic.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Menasha Utilities at 920-967-3400.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding while we replace critical infrastructure to ensure reliable and safe drinking water for years to come!