Community Involvement Student Scholarships


A community relations program maintained by Menasha Utilities annually contributes $5,500 in scholarships for students, provides donations to local charities, and supports energy efficiency within the community.

High School Scholarships

This year Menasha Utilities is offering a $1,500 scholarship to a high school senior who plans on attending a post-secondary educational institution (college, university, or technical school) as a full-time student.

The deadline for applying for the 2018-19 College year has lapsed.  The winner will be announced in May. 

 The scholarship application for the 2019-2020 school year will be distributed to high school guidance counselors in Spring 2019.


UW-Fox Valley Scholarship

Each school year a $500 scholarship is offered to a student attending the University of Wisconsin - Fox Valley.  Interested students will be required to apply for this scholarship by completing the general application form located on the UW-Fox Valley website.  Applications should be submitted no later than February 1 for new students or February 15 for continuing students.

The student, their parent, or legal guardian must be a customer of Menasha Utilities and/or reside in the City of Menasha.  Also, the applicant must be enrolled as a full-time student, entering or continuing, in a field related to the electric or water utility industry.

A committee of faculty members at UW-Fox Valley will select the scholarship recipient in February or March according to the applications received.  The scholarship prize will be announced and awarded at the school's annual Scolars Evening.

APPA DEED Scholarship for College Students

DEED (Demonstration of Energy-Efficient Developments) student research grants/internships support students studying education in energy-related fields, increase awareness about career opportunities in public power, and provide assistance to DEED member utility sponsors.  Student research grant/internship recipuents conduct research on an energy related project and are required to write a final report on the project describing activities, costs, bibliography, achievements, problems, recommendations, and abstract outlining the basic process and results of the project.  Only students from accredited colleges and universities shall be eligible.  Students must be studying in a country with at least one DEED member. Currently only the U.S. and Canada have DEED members.  Please see DEED's policy manual for more details.

Student Research Grant/Internship.  Each year DEED awards up to ten $4,000 student research grants/internships to university students studying in energy related disciplines.

Eligibility Requirements.  Only students studying in energy related disciplines from accredited colleges or universities are eligible for student research grants/internships. Applicants will not be discriminated against on the basis of sex, race, religion, national origin, or citizenship.  Students must obtain a DEED member sponsor for their student research grant/internship.  Find a DEED member utility and contact DEED to request the specific contact information for the utility you wish to request sponsorship from.  Application must be completed in full as per the instructions and submitted with all required signatures, as well as an academic transcript by the deadline.  A copy of the application must also be sent to the DEED regional board director.  Find the regional board director at the American Public Power Association website.