Water Service Verification & Lead Service Replacement Program

Our plan is to get all the lead or galvanized services in Menasha replaced in 2022. Our lead service replacement program will cover 2/3 of the cost up to $2,000. In the coming months we will be reaching out to customers, either in person or via phone, whose water pipe material has not yet been documented. Our intent is to get all services verified by the end of June. We will contact those customers whose services have been verified as lead/galvanized material to schedule replacement in the second half of the year. If you have questions about the verification or replacement process, please contact our Water Department at (920) 967-3451. 

Lead Service Replacement Program

Menasha Utilities received approval to offer a financial assistance program to help its customers pay for the cost of replacing their lead services.  The Utility will reimburse homeowners 2/3 of the cost to replace their portion of the lead service to the home up to $2,000.  The customer can pay the balance or may be eligible for a loan to be repaid over 5 years at 0% interest. The financial assistance is capped at the main contractor price.  Lead Service Program

City of Menasha Ordinance

Menasha is taking action to reduce lead in drinking water.  Menasha Utilities source water, mains, and finished drinking water do not contain lead.  Water service laterals owned by the property owner and plumbing in homes built before 1950 are more likely to have lead, and homes built prior to 1984 could have lead solder.  When water is in contact with pipes (or service line) and plumbing containing lead for several hours, the lead may enter drinking water.

Lead testing completed by Menasha Utilities has found lead levels in some homes above the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) action limit.  Menasha Utilities continuously addresses this health concern and is committed to informing and educating its customers about lead.

Drinking Water Notice